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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


As you can see, blogging isn't something that I do regularly! To be honest, I spend WAY to much time on Facebook and never seem to get around to updating my blog. O.o) But I thought it was about time I made an effort to post at least semi regularly...I'm going to try for once a week and see how I go.

Life has been full of changes for us recently. This past few months has been full of ill health and injury for me and I've found myself no longer working part time...whether this is a long term change or not, I've yet to find out. I've also found myself home schooling my gorgeous son. Z is nearly 9 years and is Aspergian (for those not acquainted with this term, it means he has Aspergers Syndrome, a high functioning type of Autism). He really struggles with school and needs constant one-on-0ne support, which he unfortunately wasn't receiving from school, so I have decided to take on the role of teacher for him. It is quite a juggling act but we are slowly getting into the swing of it.

I am still working towards my Diploma in Creative Writing (very slowly!) and doing little bits of writing here and there. Once I've learned to manage my time better (translated, this means staying of Facebook!) I will allot myself a regular time slot to work on assignments and any other writing that comes up. I have 2 possible stories/novels in my head...I just need to get them down on paper!

As well as all of this, I am now trying to focus more time on my family and business. If I am to continue to be a stay at home Mum, I really need to get my business moving from hobby business to making a viable income.

So, that's what's been happening here lately, hopefully I will find the time to stick to updating once a week!

Until next time...

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